Aumuller KS2 S2 24V DC (R/L)

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Brand: Aumuller | Manufacturer Part numbers: KS2 24V S2

This product is suitable for:

  • Dome & Skylight windows
  • Top & bottom hung windows
  • Pivoting windows
Specifications at a glance:

Thrust & Traction force: 200 N

Max Strokes: 200-800 mm

Voltage supply: 24 V DC

Protection Class: IP 32

Colours Available:

Available in Anodised Aluminium


Aumuller KS2 S2 24V DC (R/L)
Chain drives from AUMÜLLER have a well-designed and robust aluminium housing. It encases the microprocessor-controlled electronics, the motor-gear unit and the chain box. The slim design allows our chain drives to lay flat on the window profile and not protrude into the room. The drives can be mounted on top or integrated into the profile. The most suitable installation locations are the frame profiles of the main or side closing edges.

  • For natural ventilation, smoke and heat exhausting systems and ferralux® NRWG (EN12101-2) Versions R (right) or L (left) or TWIN
  • Aluminium housing anodized or optionally in RAL colours
  • High-quality stainless steel sidebow roller chain, without protruding rivet heads
  • Slim line body that suits concealed fitting within profiles
  • Rigid drive mounting on frame without brackets
  • Programmable parameters of Intelligent Control Electronics S12
  • Synchronised multi-operation and sequence control without add. devices Electronic soft-start, soft-close and soft-stop at end of stroke control Stroke, force, speed
  • Rebate control
  • Suitable for operation with M-COM for the automatic configuration of synchronised run of multi drive systems and sequence control



Product Applications

This product is suitable for:

  • Dome & Skylight windows
  • Top & bottom hung windows
  • Pivoting windows

Technical Details

Aumuller KS2 S2 24V DC
Switch-off electronics:
 S2 – integrated load-dependent cut-off switch in OPEN/CLOSED direction
Rated Voltage:
24 V DC
Cut-Off Current:
0.7 A
200-800 mm
Force (Push / Pull):
200 – 50 / 200 N; stroke dependent
Speed (open / closed):
 10.0 / 10.0 mm/s
Housing (W x H x L):
anodised aluminium, 41 x 26 mm, length stroke dependent
Connection lead:
halogen free, grey 3×0.5 mm², length 3 m
Protection Rating:
IP 32

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