Smoke Shaft Dampers and Doors

Dampers and Smoke Shaft Doors are essential components of fire safety systems in commercial buildings. They prevent the spread of smoke and fire through ventilation ducts and shafts, which can pose a serious risk to occupants and property.

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Smoke Control Dampers

Smoke control dampers are vents that are typically installed in lobbies and corridors to vent smoke into the smoke shaft.

Smoke control dampers are triggered either by a standalone smoke vent system or via a fire alarm signal to a smoke control panel.

Visually concealed behind an aesthetic grill. The damper itself is comprised of multiple fire rated blades that form a louvre. The blades of the louvre form a fire-resisting wall, capable of lasting at least 120 mins. These dampers can be supplied with a decorative grill that can be painted to RAL finishes if required.

The compliance standards for these dampers are EN 12101-8, not to be confused with EN 15650 which is for fire dampers.

Smoke Shaft Doors

These are doors that open to vent smoke into the smoke shaft. They are designed to resist fire and smoke for a specified period of time, usually 60 minutes.

Our smoke shaft doors are typically actuated by either a built in Chain Drive or Folding Arm motor and are certified together to be compliant with relevant standards (EN 12101-2).

As there’s a falling risk, these should be fitted 1.1m from floor level, grills or fall arrest cages may be required.

Compliance and Conformance

Smoke shaft doors and dampers must comply with all relevant standards and regulations to form part of an effective smoke ventilation solution.

Some key regulations are:-

BS EN 12101-8:2011: Smoke and heat control systems – Part 8
BS EN 1366-2:2015: Fire resistance tests for service installations – Part 2
Approved Document B: Fire safety – Volume 1 and Volume 2

By installing smoke dampers and shaft doors that meet the relevant standards and regulations, building owners and managers can ensure that their premises are safe and compliant with the law.

Frequently Asked Questions

What safety measures are required for fall arrest in smoke shafts?2023-06-02T16:22:41+01:00

Smoke shafts typically extend the height of multiple floors in a building and the size of the vent openings introduces a safety issue. It’s important to ensure that grills and fall arresters are installed as required to prevent accidental falls.

What are the common sizes for Dampers and Smoke Shafts?2023-06-02T16:22:18+01:00

There’s no standard size but the most common sizes are below.

Dampers – 800w x 1920h
Doors – 1000w x 1500h
Shaft – 850×1800 or 1000m x 1500m throat size

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