Flat Roof AOV

Roof hatches, rooflights, and louvres can be used as AOVs (Automatic Opening Vents) in smoke ventilation systems. AOVs allow the hot air and smoke to escape from the building, they can also provide natural light, comfort ventilation, and roof access.

Rocburn provide a variety of rooflights, hatches, and louvres capable of providing at least 1m2 of free vent area. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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Roof Hatches and Rooflights

Rooflights and hatches for smoke ventilation are designed to open automatically and release smoke and heat from a building in case of a fire. They are designed to comply with BS EN 12101-2 regulations for natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilation.

Rooflight AOV smoke vents can also provide natural ventilation and daylight for the building occupants. They are available in different sizes, shapes, and glass options to suit various architectural deasign requirements.

Typically rooflights or roof hatches are suitable for flat roofs up to 15 degrees and should fully open in less than a minute.

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Aluminium Flat Roof Louvres

Typically used on the roof of smoke shafts, our aluminium flat roof louvres are durable and weather resistant. The use of aluminium reduces weight and alleviates corrosion.

They are supplied with matching wind shields and surrounds to complete the finish.

The actuators and motors are pre-installed and the whole vent is tested in accordance with EN 12101-2 for use in smoke ventilation systems.

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Options and Features for Rooflights

Glazing Finishes

Glazing and finishes

We’re able to provide rooflights with glass or polycarbonate glazing. The glazing can be finished differently.

Clear for maximum light transmission, frosted for privacy, or Opal for solar glare and heat gain prevention.

Glazed Flat Roof AOV

Flat Glass or Dome

For commercial environments, a typical dome rooflight is quite suitable. But for domestic/home environments it may be preferred to have a flat glass AOV for a better finish.

Glazing Example

Thermal Performance

Double glazing is typically used for roof hatches with glass. It offers good thermal performance whilst reducing the weight compared to triple glazing.

Our polycarbonate rooflight domes are either double or triple skinned.

Frequently Asked Questions

How far should a Roof AOV open?2023-06-02T16:18:44+01:00

For single vents the vent will need to have an opening angle of at least 140°. Twin vents that are installed side by side should have each leaf open to at least 90°. This is primarily to reduce damage caused by wind and to ensure adequate airflow.

Can I use an AOV rooflight as an access hatch?2023-06-08T12:01:31+01:00

Yes, we’re able to supply the roof hatch with an offset motor assembly. This will allow you to place a ladder alongside and gain access to the roof when the hatch is open.

What is BS EN12101-2?2023-06-02T16:17:55+01:00

BS EN12101-2 is a European standard that specifies the requirements and test methods for natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilators (NSHEVs). The standard covers the design, performance, installation, and maintenance of NSHEVs.

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