Folding Window Openers

Folding window openers work to lock windows into an open or closed position, leaving a specific sized gap that helps to provide a safe and secure restricted opening.
Each of our manual folding window openers is specifically tailored to fit your individual windows frame and material.

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What are manual folding window openers?

Folding openers are designed for top hung open out windows and are a cost effective and secure alternative to electric and manual winding gears for outward opening casement windows.

Also known as Over Centre Cam-stays, they create fold open windows that work especially well in non-domestic settings such as hotels, offices, schools, hospitals, care homes, and sheltered housing.

They are a popular window opener which delivers restricted opening and ventilation in a way that is durable, low maintenance, flexible and easy to use.

Customised Window Opening Solutions

Given the tight tolerances of the over centre cam-stay mechanism, it’s common for a specific application to require bespoke folding window openers. So, we’ve made a specification sheet that you can fill in and we will use it to work with our manufacturers and produce samples specific to your window. With a vast range of options available, we provide the perfect folding openers to fit your specific window profile and frame dimensions.

There is a product to suit all window materials and environments, whether your fold open windows are timber, uPVC or of aluminium construction. They can be operated with a pole for high level windows and whilst not “secure by design” they are often used as a secondary restrictor for safety reasons.

Folding Opener Styles

At Rocburn, we can provide manual folding window openers in a number of different styles to suit your needs. Below is a small sample of some of the varieties we have available, but if you’ve seen a different style elsewhere that you would like, then please send us a photo and we will do our best to supply it.

Folding Opener 200 Series

200 Series

Simple and clean design with increased customisability, the 200 series features a raised coupling bar location which is ideal for increased clearance above the window sill.

Folding Opener 400 Series

400 Series

Elegant design with a die cast top arm for round coupling tubes.

Folding Opener 500 Series

500 Series

Modern design with die cast top arm for the square coupling bars

Frequently Asked Questions

What opening stroke sizes are these openers available in?2023-07-24T09:53:30+01:00

The most common opening stroke is 150mm, but we can also supply folding openers in 90mm, 225mm, and 300mm distances if required. It’s best to contact us to confirm as not all distances are available across the range.

What finishes and colours are folding openers available in?2023-07-24T09:54:04+01:00

Our window openers normally come in a brushed, anodised aluminium finish, but we are able to work with our manufacturers and suppliers to get a custom anodised finish if desired.

As with any anodising, it is difficult to obtain exact colour matches, so samples may need to be produced for approval.

How do I select an opener for my window?2023-07-24T09:54:46+01:00

To get the process started we have a specification sheet you can download and review. This can then be completed and sent over to us via email or used as guidance for the kind of questions we will need to ask during a phone call.

You can download the specification sheet here.

Is there a standard size folding opener?2023-07-24T09:55:17+01:00

No, given the number of different window styles and frame sizes it’s very difficult to choose a standard size that works well for everything. Any standard size opener will generally need to be modified with packers in order to work properly. We are able to and often do supply customised folding openers to suit your specific window so get in touch with us to find out more.

How safe and secure are manual folding openers?2023-07-24T09:56:07+01:00

In short, very, but it will depend on the installation.  If the vent is forced open it’s more likely the fixings themselves will fail before the opener does.

Because of this, it makes them a good choice for schools, care homes, sheltered accommodation or similar environments where the window opening must be restricted to prevent things or people from falling out the window.

Can I use a folding opener on wide windows?2023-07-24T09:57:01+01:00

Yes, multiple openers can be installed on the same window and then tied together with a coupling tube which is then used to operate both openers simultaneously. If the window is at high level, then a pole and a ring can be supplied, the ring is attached the coupling tube and used in conjunction with the pole.

  • Single or tandem openers connected by a pole can be supplied for wider windows

  • Operated either by hand or pole when the windows are high level
  • Supplied as standard in anodised aluminium, a custom anodised colour can be supplied

Can’t see what you’re looking for?

We understand that it can be near impossible to know if a product is compatible with any particular window.  That’s why we provide a free consultation over the phone with our technical sales team.

We’ll work with you to offer you the right product for your requirements.


We’ve put together a handy spec sheet that you can fill in for each window.  It’ll cover the different frame types and all the measurements we’ll need to build up a proposal.

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