When fire breaks out, the spread of smoke and fumes can be rapid, affecting all areas of the building within minutes and putting everyone inside in danger. Having an effective AOV system in place can help to remove smoke and keep escape routes clear, aiding the safe evacuation of those inside the building.

Here at Rocburn, we’re passionate about making both domestic and commercial buildings as safe as possible and pride ourselves on supplying the best smoke ventilation solutions around.

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AOV & Smoke Ventilation System Specialists

If you are looking for an Automatic Opening Vent and smoke control system but don’t know what one to get or which is most suitable for your building, then the experienced team at Rocburn are here to help.

We work with thousands of companies each year with their Smoke Ventilation & AOV Window projects. We can help plan and specify your SHEV system to be compliant with the necessary requirements and all of our smoke ventilation systems are governed by standards such as BS EN12101 and Approved Document B.

Find out more about working with us on your smoke ventilation project from specification and planning through to delivery.

Innovative Smoke Ventilation Solutions

At Rocburn, we are the fastest growing electric and manual window opening, AOV system & ventilation specialist, and we’re delighted to be able to offer excellent, bespoke services for our customers.

We offer AOV’s and electric window actuators to help achieve the required free vent area for any project, as specified by the Fire Officer or Building Control. We also supply AOV roof vents, 24v chain and linear actuators for stairwells and lobby windows so no matter the size, type or complexity of your building, we have the right smoke ventilation equipment to for your property.

Tailored AOV and Smoke Safety Services

Smoke ventilation systems are critical to your safety so it’s important to get the correct products to suit your building requirements. We work with professional, auditied, smoke ventilation system manufacturers to provide you with the highest quality AOV system and advise you on the best smoke control systems for your building.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about our AOV or smoke control systems, then get in touch today and one of our knowledgeable team will be happy to help.

Please note: building plans, window schedules, fire strategies, and other specific documents will be very useful to our team in helping you choose the right smoke ventilation systems.

Example AOV Equipment

There’s an AOV available for most areas of buildings, flat or pitched roofs, smoke shafts or vertical facades. Call us to discuss the best option.