Nekos KATO KS30/40

If you’re looking for a reliable, efficient and cost-effective window opening solution for your business, building or property, then look no further than Nekos KATO window actuators.

About the KATO KS30/40

Widely used for a variety of applications, chain electric window openers are a practical, flexible and convenient option for automating the opening and closing of windows, skylights and roof vents. They are suitable for all types of buildings including residential, commercial and industrial and are popular for hotels, offices, hospitals, schools, care homes and many more.

Electric window actuators work to ventilate the property, maintain optimal temperatures, improve indoor air quality and can be used as part of a fire safety system to provide effective smoke exhaustion in the event of a fire.

Models and Features

The Kato KS30/40 by Nekos is an innovative product that comes in 3 different variations, all of which;

  • Come in black, grey, or white colours
  • Are regularly used for rooflights, VELUX, and FAKRO windows
  • Support most window types including both open in and out
  • Have a reasonably slim profile with quick release coupling and brackets
  • An adjustable opening stroke with 110, 200, 300, 400mm positions

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Kato Conservation Rooflight

Nekos KATO KS30/40

Available in 230v AC or 24v DC

The standard version of the Kato KS30/40 is a compact actuator with features that include;

  • Brackets that allow for quick coupling of the actuator in its working position
  • Variable strokes which can be electronically selected
  • A cross section of only 37×59 cm
  • A high strength composite bodywork and brackets made from glass fibre reinforced polyamide
  • Straight forward hooking of the chain to the frame
  • Relax function
  • Has 1000N locking force
Kato Syncro Fitted

KATO KS30/40 Syncro³

Available in 230v AC or 24v DC

The Nekos KATO Syncro³ is the same as the standard version, but it can be synchronised with additional motors that allow up to 8 units to drive the same window, without the need for external control units.

This Kato electric window actuator is ideal for openings that are heavier or larger than the average size and delivers perfectly coordinated, advanced synchronisation of multiple actuators for straight forward, efficient and reliable window control.

KATO ADV with remote


Available in 230v AC

This actuator is the wireless evolution of the KATO family and has all the features of the standard but comes with a built-in radio receiver and a remote-control handset.

Some of the KATO ADV Radio features include;

  • The same compact body and design but with integrated radio receiver
  • Uses secure, rolling code technology to keep your property safe
  • Can be used with a the NRS1 rain sensor for automatic closure of windows in case of rain, without the need for a separate control unit

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the KATO KS30/40 right for my windows?2023-07-24T15:32:48+01:00

The suitability of an electric chain window actuator will depend on a number of things including the type, weight and size of the windows or openings, the property itself and how the window is going to be used.

For example, a single, small residential window may not be suitable for the brackets supplied with the KATO KS30/40 and would be better suited to a different model. However, those looking for something with remote capabilities or simpler wiring configuration, then this window actuator could be the ideal solution.

If you are unsure about which electric window opener is the right one for your needs, then please get in touch and one of our advisors will be happy to help.

What are the benefits of using the KATO KS30/40?2023-07-24T15:28:23+01:00

There are many great advantages to choosing to KATO KS30/40 for your windows, such as;

  • It is a slimline window opener widely used in commercial, residential and industrial applications
  • Suitable for hard to reach and high-level windows
  • Can be installed for windows, rooflights, skylights and vents
  • Provides easy stroke adjustment from 110-400mm stroke
  • Has a 1000N locking force
  • Suits a wide range of windows from open edge to hinges
  • Can be applied to windows of various sizes from 200mm tall
  • The radio version has a built-in receiver and 30 channel remote that can individually control 30 actuators
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