Kato ADV Radio Remote Control

The Kato Radio is a remote controlled window opener by Nekos.

With the same body style and size as the standard Kato 230v window opener, but with the addition of a built in remote receiver to allow window control using a remote control.

With optional rain sensor which will close the window if it rains and remote control.

The Kato Radio ADV has a range of opening distances you can set, from 100 to  400 mm, and is adjustable in 100 mm increments and a push force of 300N (30 Kg) so it is suitable for most natural ventilation applications.

Best Applications For The Kato ADV Radio

The biggest advantage of using a window opener with a built in remote receiver is that you can do the wiring at high level.

You don’t need any separate remote receiver panels to operate the window openers.

You can control up to 30 window openers individually or in groups from one remote control.

It is good for roof windows where there is the risk of rain because of the rain sensor option you can wire directly into the motor.

Window Types

This remote controlled window opener suits all window types.

  • Skylight window
  • Top hung windows
  • Side hung windows
  • Roof hatches and domes

Bracket options to suit aluminium, timber and upvc windows.

All of these Nekos brackets are easy to attach with the Nekos quick coupling technology, this makes fitting quick and easy to do.


  • Mains Voltage 230v/240v
  • Push / Pull Force of 300N or 30kg
  • Opening distances adjustable 100, 200, 300, 400 mm options

Get in touch with one of our window opener specialists to check this is the best product for your application.

Additional information

Stroke (mm)

Selectable, 110, 200, 300, 400

Max Force (N)


Supply Voltage


Max Current (amps)


Max Speed (mm/s)


Locking Force (N)


Window Types

Bottom Hung, Centre Pivot, Rooflight, Side Hung, Skylight, Top Hung

IP Rating




Black (RAL 9004), Grey (RAL 7047), White (RAL 9003)

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