Ask us about our smoke ventilation controls

Rocburn stock a wide range of products that can control AOVs for smoke ventilation, along with the accessories like fireman’s overrides and call points.

We have smoke ventilation control panels capable of operating single and multiple smoke zones, and some of the single zone controls can communicate with each other to form part of a larger system. All these systems have batter backup, allowing them to operature during a mains power failure.

At Rocburn we pride ourselves on being able to spec and recommend a system that’s meets your specific requirements so why not get in touch with us for your next project that requires smoke ventilation controls.

Natural or Mechanical Smoke Ventilation Controls

Smoke ventilation controls can be either natural or mechanical, depending on the type of system installed. Natural smoke ventilation systems use the natural buoyancy of hot smoke to create a pressure difference and drive the smoke out of the building through the vents. Mechanical smoke ventilation systems use powered fans to extract the smoke from the building through ducts or shafts.

The controls can be integrated with other devices such as actuators, louvres, vents, fans, switches, and sensors to create a comprehensive and effective smoke ventilation system.

Smoke ventilation controls should always be installed and maintained by a qualified electrician or competent professional.