Manual remote opening systems can operate single or multiple high-level windows by using a remote handle at low level.

Often referred to as Teleflex winders which is an old brand name, there are actually several brands available such as Highline and Ultraflex Control Systems (UCS) amongst the most popular options.

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All these systems look very similar in design, and work on the same principles, many of the parts are interchangeable so call us for advice.

Manual winding gear window openers can be fitted to most types of windows:

  • Side hung
  • Top hung
  • Bottom Hung Open in or Out
  • Skylight and Roof Windows

Suitable for both commercial and domestic applications, manual openers are traditionally used in schools but can be used in other buildings for a cost-effective solution where wiring is not always an option.

Installation Examples

Below are some illustrations of popular installation formats.  Note: when referring to these it’s important to note the exit position from the operator and the orientation of the chain cases on the vent units.

Manual Winding Gear Single Vent Illustration

Single, top hung vent

The simplest installation option, a single window with one or more openers depending on the width of the vent.

Manual Winding Gear Multiple Vents with Junction

Multiple banks with junction box

Here there are multiple banks of windows driven by a single operator.  A junction is used to provide 3 different conduit paths from the operators 2 exits.  This avoided the need to extend a conduit run from one bank to another.

Manual Winding Gear Bottom Hung Vent Banks

Bottom Hung example

Manual winding gear is also suitable for other window types such as bottom hung, or side hung.

Designing a Manual Winding Gear System?

There are several ways you can fit your manual openers, and we are experienced in working out the best configuration for your needs.

Most systems are straightforward and simple to specify, but we will always make sure we talk to you about your situation and consider the following.

  • The size and weight of your opening vents
  • How high up your windows are
  • How far you want to open your vent, chain openers come in 250mm or 380mm opening options (the opening distance will depend on the size of your window as well)
  • What your window is made from, uPVC, timber, aluminium, metal crittall window or skylight window. There is a choice of brackets available for different frames
  • How your windows are hinged, i.e. top hung, side hung, centre pivot etc
  • The number of opening vents in a bank you want to operate together (The load)
  • The number bends in the conduit required to reach your window (Friction is created with each bend)
  • The distance the cable travels from the operator the last chain in the run

Most of this information will come out of a quick conversation, and most situations are very similar, so quoting is straight forward.

For example, operating a typical group of windows would be a midi operator (handle) at low level opening 1 to 4 windows in a group and would not need any special considerations.

If you were looking to open a large number of high-level windows in a bank you may need to opt for a more powerful operating handle such as a Maxi operator as these can push with more force. But we have the experience to work out what you need.