The aim of smoke controls systems is to ensure protection of people, property and assets while making access for fire fighters as clear and safe as possible.

A well designed smoke control system should:-

  • Protect the occupants within the building
  • Ensure access and escape routes are kept smoke free
  • Facilitate fire-fighting efforts and operations
  • Reduce the risk of the fire developing further by delaying or preventing flashover
  • Protect the contents of the building
  • Aid in reducing risk of damage to buildings

At Rocburn Limited, we’re passionate about making both domestic and commercial buildings as safe for all occupants and fire fighters so our smoke ventilation and smoke control systems are governed by standards such as BS EN12101, BS 9991, BS 9999, BS 8519, BS 7346-8, and Approved Document B. We provide a wide range of smoke control systems, smoke ventilation equipment and coupled with our expert advice you will be best placed to ensure you are protected.

Read our Smoke Ventilation Project Overview to gain a better understanding of how we can help you and check out just some of the smoke control systems and ventilation equipment we offer.

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