Our Solutions

Looking to add some automation or ease of use to your windows and ventilation?  Or need some to provide a standards compliant smoke ventilation solution for a construction project?  Make use of our wide range of products and expertise to get the right solution for your scenario.

Topp wifibox μRemote Pro

Using an electric window opener to cool your building or room is popular for both home and commercial applications.

We have a range of window openers and controls to suit every application.

Call us for more details and advice.

Manual Window Controls 1

We have a range of manual openers such as winding systems (aka Teleflex winding gear), folding openers, and screwjacks.

These solutions can be a cost effective way to gain control over difficult to reach and high level windows like those used in conservatories and schools.

Window Master WSK 601 Break Glass Unit - Fireman's Override Switch

The purpose of smoke ventilation is to keep escape routes clear and to allow fire brigade access.

All smoke ventilation systems should specified to BS EN12101 standards and Approved Document B requirements. Call us for more details.