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Manual Window Openers & Teleflex Window Openers

Looking for natural ventilation in your home or commercial building with a manual mechanism?


A manual system would be a natural ventilation system you would use by hand, this can either be operated by a remote handle, an opener pole or a cord and the best choice depends on your specific application.


Types of Manual Window Openers


Manual Winding Gear:

A manual winding system, often referred to as Teleflex winding gear is a popular option for single or multiple windows which are either at high level or hard to reach.

This kit is typically a manual chain opener on the window, connected by conduit and a cable to an operating handle within reach. Most popular applications are in schools or DDA adaptations where electric isn’t an option. Read more


Folding Openers (Cam Stays):

These are another popular option for manual window control, these are typically cheaper that the Teleflex style systems and don’t require running conduit.

Cam stays are basically a hinged arm which you either hook a pole into if they are at high level or push with your hand if they are at low level, these openers are for window on a vertical wall and will open a fixed distance. Read More


Screwjacks & Poles:

Screw Jack openers, are a threaded rod which you window with a pole or handle if these are low level. Most often used in conservatories, screwjacks are designed for use on skylights and roof vents on a pitched or flat roof.

We stock various finishes, lengths and bracket options, along with fixed or adjustable winding poles to suit. Read more

Electric Chain Window Opener

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