Manual Window Openers

Manual window openers are a flexible, cost effective and secure solution that works to safely control various types of windows, including those that are high up or difficult to access.

At Rocburn, we provide a wide range of manual window opening systems that are suitable for use across a wide range of window types, styles, and heights. Whether it’s for a residential, commercial, or public body premises, we have compatible window controls to suit your needs.

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Looking for natural ventilation in your home or commercial building with a manual mechanism?

A manual system would be a natural ventilation system you would use by hand, this can either be operated by a remote handle or an opener pole and the best choice depends on your specific application.

If you don’t want the disruption and mess of routing electrical cabling to your window, or if you’re working on a tight budget and want to keep installation costs down. A manual window opener might be the way to go. There’s no need for a specialist installer which can go a long way to making it a really affordable solution.

Types of Manual Window Opener

We stock every type of manual window opening system available.  If you have a requirement for a customised folding opener or screwjack get in touch, we can work with our manufacturers to produce a special run to suit.

Manual Gear (Teleflex) Selection

Manual Winding Gear

A manual winding system, often referred to as Teleflex winding gear is a popular option for single or multiple windows which are either at high level or are hard to reach.

This kit is typically a manual chain opener on the window, connected by conduit and a cable to an operating handle at within reach. Most popular applications are in schools or DDA adaptations where electric isn’t an option.

Folding Opener

Folding Openers (Over Centre Cam Stays):

These are another popular option for manual window control that is typically cheaper than the Teleflex style systems and doesn’t require running conduit.

Two or more of these cam stays are typically installed on your window and linked together with a coupling tube. They are best used on vertical, top hung open out vents and will open a fixed distance.


Screwjacks & Poles

Screwjack openers, are a threaded rod which, when rotated with a pole or handle extends to open your window or roof vent. Most often used in conservatories, screwjacks are designed for use on skylights and roof vents on a pitched or flat roof.

We stock various finishes, lengths and bracket options, along with fixed or adjustable winding poles to suit.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I chose the right window opening system?2023-06-02T13:22:09+01:00

There are a number of different manual window openers available and the best way to determine what ones you should get is to get in touch and speak to one of our experts who will be able to help you select the best ones for your needs.

How do manual window openers work?2023-06-02T13:21:22+01:00

There are different types of manual window opening systems. They all require some kind of physical effort from the user to operate the window instead of the use of electricity.

The system components can be simplified down to an operator, and an opener.

  • The operator on folding and screwjack mechanisms is either a handle or a pole. Winding gear systems will use a remote handle which connects to the opener with a cable inside a conduit.
  • The opener will be mounted at the window and either pushes the window open by using a chain or extends a threaded rod.
Are manual window openers suitable for all window types?2023-06-02T13:20:49+01:00

Manual window openers can be fitted to most window types and styles; from side, bottom or top hung, open in or out windows as well as vents and skylights.

What types of manual window openers are there?2023-06-02T13:19:49+01:00

Manual winding gear – this manual winding system (also known as Teleflex) is suitable for single or multiple windows and is very popular for applications where electric isn’t a viable option.

Folding openers – also known as cam stays, these are a hinged arm that a pole can be hooked into for high levels or simply pushed with your hand for low level windows.

Screwjack openers – are a type of threaded rod which opens the window using a pole for high windows or handle for low ones and are designed for things such as roof vents and skylights.

Do manual window controls require maintenance?2023-06-02T13:18:58+01:00

Just like all mechanical systems, manual window controls require a small amount of routine maintenance to ensure that they work as efficiently as possible. This can vary depending on the type of opener but might include;

  • Tightening of fixings and fastenings
  • Checking of movements
  • Cleaning and wiping handles, chains and mechanisms with cloth to remove dirt and grime
  • Lubricating moving components with a suitable oil or grease
Why choose manual window openers?2023-06-02T13:18:15+01:00

For buildings with windows or vents that are high up or not easily reachable, manual window openers can deliver a straightforward solution that enables simple operation from a single, accessible position.

What are manual window openers?2023-06-02T13:17:31+01:00

Manual window openers provide the easy opening of vents or windows using mechanical, hand operated systems. They are the ideal solution for windows that are high up and out of reach or difficult to access and can help those with disabilities.

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