Electric Linear Actuators

Electric linear actuators have a larger, more powerful pushing force than chain actuators, which makes them more suitable and effective for opening rooflights, roof hatches and domes as well as highlight windows, louvres, vents, sashes and more.

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Why use Linear Actuators?

Linear electric actuators are a versatile solution that make a reliable, straight forward option for various applications, openings and property types. Here are some of the reasons that linear actuators could be the right choice for you.

Load rating – Linear actuators are designed for heavier loads than chain actuators, making them ideal for heavy roof vents that require more force to operate and lift them.

Opening distance – With opening strokes up to 1m, they are a great choice for openings where a large amount of airflow is required from the vent.

Ingress Protection – With high IP ratings, generally exceeding IP55, they can be installed in areas that may be occassionally exposed to weather or for dusty industrial environments.

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How do Linear Actuators Differ from Chain Actuators?

Linear actuators work by driving a rigid rod or shaft from the motor body using one of two opening mechanisms – either a rod or rack and pinion. Chain actuators work in a similar way but with a chain instead.

Because of the way they are designed, linear actuators facilitate an increased push and pull force; but this also increases the size of the linear actuator.

Multiple Actuators on a Single Vent

Some linear actuators like the UCS RACK have features that allow you to link actuators in tandem to give you an additional push point against the vent. This works by using a connecting rod between the motor and an additional rack mechanism. This auxiliary mechanism doesn’t have a motor, so it relies on the single motor to drive both points and doesn’t improve the force that can be applied.

For heavier vents we’d suggest something like a UCS T-RACK which has motors that support synchronisation. Whilst these don’t have support for a connecting rod, the motors can communicate to keep themselves synchronised.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of choosing electric window actuators?2023-07-24T10:25:43+01:00

Automated window control provides many great benefits, including;

  • Can help to cut costs by delivering effective natural ventilation and reducing reliance on expensive air conditioning bills.
  • A greener option that helps companies to use less energy.
  • Guaranteed safety with no need for manual operation
  • Can be installed with sensors for multiple functions including smoke ventilation, regulating airflow, temperature control and rain sensors.

Extremely convenient and can be controlled at the touch of a button.

What are the popular applications for linear actuators?2023-07-24T10:23:32+01:00

Linear actuators are widely used for controlling different types of windows and openings to maintain optimal temperatures, provide natural ventilation and effective smoke control. They can be used on – louvre, highlight, sash and top-hung outer windows but are predominantly used for heavier windows and openings such as rooflights, domes, vents and roof hatches.

Should I use a linear actuator or a chain actuator?2023-07-24T10:26:23+01:00

Your requirements such as the weight of the window, its type, application and the opening stroke length will determine the type of actuator which will be most effective. If you need any help at all determining which actuator is best suited to your needs, then please get in touch and one of our advisors will be happy to help.

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Here are some datasheets and installation intructions for the products above.

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