Aprimatic ST 450N
Arm operator for domes, vertical sun blinds, jalousie windows, outward-opening windows.
Innovative magnetic limit stop detection system without moving mechanical parts: it further increases product reliability in any working condition.

Aprimatic ST 450N Product dimensions are designed to be as compact as possible to ensure an installation that blends with the rest of the building.

Silent operation and speed are the two strengths of the ST 450N operator.

Can be connected in parallel thanks to the relay built into the card.

Electronic operator in aluminium casing with straight-arm linear movement.

230 Vac power supply with overload protection. Max. stroke 300 mm. Available accessory: Kit for limit stop adjustment. Features a reed switch system without moving mechanical parts.Brackets and supports are supplied for the required application.

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Product Applications

This product is suitable for:

  • Top-hung windows
  • Bottom-hung windows
  • Side-hung windows

Technical Details

ST 450N
Power Supply:
 230 Vca – 50 Hz
Absorbed Power:
150 W
Absorbed Current:
0,70 A
Thrust Force:
450 N
Traction Force:
450 N
Adjustable Strokes:
180 – 300 mm
Automatic Limit Stop:
Parallel Connection:
Overload Protection:
Yes, with 1 motor for each frame
1 per 5 μF
Built in Relay:
Protection Class:
IP55 (indoor use)
Operator Weight:
2.0 Kg


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