These controls coordinate when the windows need to be opened or closed in a ventilation system as well as controlling smoke and heat extraction in the event of a fire.

At Rocburn we stock a wide range of reliable, high quality and cost-effective ventilation controls that can be applied to systems of various types, scale, size, and complexity.

Ventilation Control Technology

Control panels and associated accessories are an essential component of any automatic ventilations system. Maintaining comfort, air quality, temperature, and forming part of a fire safety solution. These controls are engineered to deliver reliable automation to your windows and vents. Ensuring that no atter the type of building or your requirements, effective ventilation can be achieved.

Most of our ventilation control units are capable of integration with various inputs and accessories to monitor internal and external signals such as the weather, smoke, wind, rain, air quality and temperature.

Using the information from these sensors, these innovative control panels can instruct windows, skylights, roof vents, and AOVs when to open and close for smart, simple, and straight forward ventilation automation.

Selecting the Right Control Setup

When it comes to choosing a ventilation control panel, it’s important to consider how it needs to work within your overall system design, the type of motors used to open your vents and any features you are looking to be included.

Natural Ventilation Controls

For natural and comfort ventilation, Rocburn has a variety of controls and accessories that can fit into a UK size single or double gang back -box. These provide a tidy solution for controlling natural ventilation and room comfort.

The most common accessories for these types of control systems are rain and temperature sensors which can automate the opening of vents to maintain an ideal temperature. Check out our natural ventilation controls page for more information.

Smoke Ventilation Controls

Smoke Ventilation requires a higher level of control and integration options. These ventilation controls are considered part of a safety of life system and must meet higher specifications such as BS:EN12101-10.

As a safety of life component, it needs to be able to operate in the absence of an electrical supply. So, all our smoke control panels have battery backup capability. Because the batteries operate on different power systems than mains, 24v actuators are much more common in smoke ventilation designs.

Some smoke ventilation controls can also be used for comfort purposes, allowing the installation of a single dual-purpose system. Accessories such as thermostats, switches, wind, and rain sensors can automate the zone’s comfort. Check out our smoke ventilation controls page for more information.

Ask the Experts

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