Electric Chain Actuators

Electric chain actuators are a modern, elegant solution for window and vent automation and provide an easy, quick and convenient way to open and close vents and windows.

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Widely used in residential, commercial and industrial properties, electric chain actuators deliver a reliable, straight forward and cost-effective solution that works to ventilate your home, remove heat, and improve airlfow.

At Rocburn, we stock a range of electric window chain actuators that can be used for a variety of opening systems including windows, skylights and roof vents.

You can also choose from a range of ventilation controls for both natural and smoke purposes.

Stroke lengths 100-1000mm with pushing forces 200-1000N are available for next day dispatch.

Types of Electric Chain Actuators

We supply chain actuators with either a single chain or with two chains.

Window Opener providing Natural Ventilation

Single Chain Actuators

Suitable for domestic and commercial applications and are ideal for natural ventilation and smoke ventilation purposes. Single chain actuators are commonly used for;

  • Vertical windows
  • Bottom hung windows
  • Top hung windows
  • Standard casement windows

In some cases where suitable, a heavy duty, single chain with a high push/pull force is capable of operating domes, skylights and roof vents.

Kato Syncro Fitted

Synchronised, Single Chain Actuators

For wider windows, two single chain actuators can be used in a synchronised configuration. This offers greater flexibility in placement on the window frame or sill to produce an even push or pull force.

The motors are wired into a communication line allowing them to ensure they are each operating at the same speed, preventing damage to the window. If you think this is a better choice for your window please get in touch.

Aumuller KSA D

Twin Chain Actuators

Double chain actuators offer greater power for use on large, wide, tall or heavy windows that require an additional push point to be properly operated. They are well suited for use in smoke control and natural ventilation and can be fitted to windows, domes, sky lights and roof vents.

Whilst twin chain actuators work well for typical requirements you may find synchronised actuators are better for your window. Give us a call to find out more.

Our Products

We stock a wide range of chain actuators ready for next working day delivery.
If you think that electric chain actuators are what you need then take a look at some of the great products that we offer;

TOPP ACK42 & ACK44 – Single Chain Actuator

Manufactured by TOPP in Italy, these 230v and 24v actuators have been on the market for decades. They have an adjustable opening stroke of up to 400mm.

  • For domestic and commercial applications
  • Popular for conservatories and orangeries
  • IP55 rated for use on roof vents and skylights
  • Easy to fit with bracket options to suit all window types
TOPP C20 Single Chain Actuator

The C20 is a cost effective actuator with a selectable but reduced opening stroke of either 240mm or 360mm.

  • Slimline, discrete option
  • Cost effective
  • Popular for use on rooflight windows
  • Variety of brackets available for different window types.
KATO ADV with remote

Slimline actuator with a built in radio receiver and connection point for a rain sensor. This product is feature rich and can result in a very tidy installation. It’s 230v AC powered, with a selectable opening stroke up to 400mm. The handheld remote control uses RF instead of IR, so no line of sight is required for operation.

Electric Window Chain Actuators

Whether you want to incorporate electric window actuators into an upcoming project, design or new addition or are looking to retro fit them to existing windows and vents, we have a solution to suit every property, no matter the size, scale or complexity.

If you have any questions about which type of chain actuators will be best suited to your needs or would like to find out more then, please get in touch and a member of our friendly team will be happy to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I control the window?2023-06-02T15:27:14+01:00

Our chain actuators come in either 24v DC or 230v AC voltages with 110v AC available on some motors for the US market. You’ll need to pick a control option thats compatible with the type you choose.

We have control panels that range from simple open/close switches through to fully automatic temperature control with rain and wind sensors, with handheld remotes. You can find out more about the control options we have available on our Natural Ventilation Controls page.

Can I use a chain actuator on my window?2023-06-02T15:26:22+01:00

This type of window opener is very versatile and can be used on any window opening style as long as there’s a suitable mounting position opposite the hinges. Each actuator will have a variety of bracket options permitting it’s use on different frame materials and sizes. We’ll help you make the right choice over the phone to make sure your satisfied.

What are the benefits of electric chain actuators?2023-06-02T15:26:01+01:00
  • Compact, compared to linear actuator alternatives
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Come in a wide variety of options, stroke lengths and colours
  • Low noise output
  • Low power usage
  • Low cost
  • Reliable and flexible solution
  • Synchronised versions are available
How do electric chain actuators work?2023-06-02T15:24:58+01:00

Available in single and double chain variations, the chain is designed to engage with pinions that mounted on a drive shaft that is inside an external casing. As the pinions spin, the chains links rotate through the casing at a 90-degree angle which directs the chain into a rigid, straight form, highly resistant to compression and tension.

As the chain is directed into a straight form, the window pushes open and as it retracts into the casing, it causes the window to close.

What are electric chain actuators used for?2023-06-02T15:24:36+01:00

An electric chain actuator can be used to open and close windows for smoke and natural ventilation. These help with daily ventilation and in cases of emergency as an active fire protection method to help control smoke.

What are electric chain actuators?2023-06-02T15:24:16+01:00

Electric chain actuators open and close windows for the purpose of natural ventilation, smoke control and heat management. They have a chain that extends from the housing of the actuator which connects with the moving sash of the window or vent, pushing it open or closed.

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