Widely used in residential, commercial and industrial properties, electric chain actuators deliver a reliable, straight forward and cost-effective solution that works to ventilate, control smoke and remove heat.

At Rocburn, we stock a range of electric window chain actuators that can be used for a variety of opening systems including windows, skylights and roof vents.

Stroke lengths 100-1000mm with pushing forces 200-1000N are available for next day dispatch.

Types of Electric Chain Actuators

We supply chain actuators with either a single chain or with two chains.

Window Opener providing Natural Ventilation

Single Chain Actuators

Suitable for domestic and commercial applications and are ideal for natural ventilation and smoke ventilation purposes. Single chain actuators are commonly used for;

  • Vertical windows
  • Bottom hung windows
  • Top hung windows
  • Standard casement windows

In some cases where suitable, a heavy duty, single chain with a high push/pull force is capable of operating domes, skylights and roof vents.