AOVs for Facades

Getting an AOV to match the existing style of a building can be challenging. Our AOVs for facades are manufactured to order and can be supplied in RAL colours to suit your building design.

Sometimes it's required to install an AOV in a listed building or within a conservation area. For these projects we work with contractors and architects to ensure the AOVs design meets any requirements.

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Glazed Louvres

Available in colours to suit, our glazed louvres can be used as an automatic opening vent (AOV) for smoke ventilation. The louvres are made of horizontal blades that are tilted or rotated to allow air flow. There are several advantages over conventional windows, such as excellent thermal performance, natural lighting, and aesthetic appeal.

Our louvres come with actuators/motors pre-installed and are tested in accordance with EN12101-2 for use in smoke ventilation systems. Ready to integrate with fire detection and control systems to provide effective smoke management in case of a fire.

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Bottom, Side, or Top Hung Windows

Manufactured to suit your requirements and fully compliant with EN 12101-2. These windows are available in any colour with opening distances to meet the free vent area requirements of 1m2 or 1.5m2.

Double or triple glazed to meet the demanding energy performance requirements of modern builds.

These windows have actuators pre-installed and are tested to meet the required standards as a whole unit, not individually, making this window a fully CE or UKCA marked, compliant vent.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose an AOV Louvre instead of a window?2023-10-17T12:48:27+01:00

Aside from the obvious appearance reasons there are a few other benefits louvres can provide when used in smoke ventilation.

  • Glazed AOV louvres provide more flexbility in structural opening dimensions, making full, floor to ceiling height window possible.
  • It’s not always possible to install a Julliet Balcony of  other fall arrest structure on facades, so louvres can work better in these situations.  During design, the individual blades can be customised to be fixed instead of opening with the rest of the vent.
  • Thermal efficiency, louvres can have better U-Value ratings than casement windows.
Are louvres and dampers the same thing?2023-06-02T16:13:27+01:00

No, louvres are typically installed on the external areas of buildings such as roofs and external walls. Dampers conform to a much higher fire rating standard (BS EN 12101-8) and have superior fire resistance.

Dampers are typically used where a lobby or corridor joins a smoke shaft, they are covered by a grill to maintain an aesthetic appearance.

What is EN 12101-2?2023-06-02T16:12:53+01:00

It’s a standard that specifies the requirements, test methods and labelling for natural, smoke, and heat exhaust ventilators. These devices are installed as part of a natural smoke and heat exhaust (NSHEV) system to remove smoke and heat from a building in case of fire.

Tests may include wind tunnels, B300 fire test chambers as well as quality control.

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