Greenhouse Window Openers & Greenhouse Vent Openers

Temperature activated greenhouse window openers, these automatic greenhouse vent openers are typically used in greenhouses and conservatories to automatically keep them at the right temperature

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XL Budget Information

This is a budget “clip-on” model competitively priced perfect for large greenhouse window openers.

  • Lifting a load of up to 5.5kg (12lbs)
  • Maximum opening of approximately 12″.

The unit measures 11″ in length and is supplied in satin anodised finish only.

We offer a two guarantee against faulty manufacture. They are designed and tested to last for many years and are fully serviceable.

Please note that additional parts may be required to fit XL autovents to Halls, or Robinsons greenhouses please contact us for details at [email protected]

£22.95 +VAT

XL Budget Automatic Window Opener

XL Budget Automatic Window Opener

MK7 Standard Information

Designed for aluminium or timber framed vents greenhouses measuring up to 60cm square (2ft square)

  • Lifting a load of up to 6kg (14lbs)
  • Maximum opening distance of 12 inches (30cm)
  • Can be set to start opening at approx. 55F (12º).
  • Supplied with full fixing kit and instructions.

The standard Mk 7 autovent is supplied in a satin anodised finish but is also available epoxy powder coated white, green or brown to special order

£34.95 +VAT

MK7 Standard Automatic Window Opener

MK7 Standard Automatic Window Opener

MK7 Super Information

Similar in design to the Mk 7 model but larger

This model is suitable for opening heavy double glazed conservatory and greenhouse vents

  • 15½” overall length
  • MK7 Super has a unique, ultra strong, finned aluminium power tube
  • Internal and external fins to give more efficient heat exchange between the wax inside the tube and the surrounding air.
  • It opens a vent exerting a load of up to 15.9 kg (35lbs) approx.
  • 15 inches at full stretch
  • Operates between 60F (16C) and 75F (25C).
  • Available epoxy powder coated white or brown as standard

£92.95 +VAT

MK7 Super Automatic Window Opener
MK7 Super Automatic Window Opener

MK7 Super Automatic Window Opener

What are automatic greenhouse window openers?

Greenhouse window openers and vents are perfect for keen gardeners which will keep a vital temperature for any avid gardeners, with automatic greenhouse window openers the handy gadget means you can be absent from the garden and your plants will not be spoiled by too much heat. The greenhouse window openers operate using a piston in a tube to help automatically open the window depending on the set temperature. Being completely environment-friendly automatic greenhouse window openers are a must-have for any gardener.

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