Natural Ventilation Systems

In this modern era, it is common for businesses, individuals and organisations to use techniques for temperature control and ventilation from air conditioning and thermostats to air purifiers and more.

However, as effective as these products may seem, there are many drawbacks, the main ones being the amount of electricity and energy they use and the high cost of using and maintaining them.

Natural ventilation is an effective and low-cost solution that can help to greatly reduce reliance on expensive, energy consuming systems, save money, improve air quality and become more eco-friendly.

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Natural Ventilation Equipment

If you are looking to create a passive ventilation system for your residential or commercial property, then we have a number of different products that can help you to achieve this.

Manual Ventilation Solutions

Manual window openers can be used as part of a natural ventilation system and can be operated by a remote handle, an opener pole or a cord depending on your specific application.

Types of Manual Window Openers

  • Manual Winding Gear: A manual winding system, often referred to as Teleflex winding gear is a popular option for single or multiple windows which are either at high level or hard to reach. Manual Winding Gear Products
  • Folding Openers (Over Centre Cam Stays): These are another popular option for manual window control which are typically cheaper than the Teleflex style systems and don’t require running conduit. Folding Opener Products
  • Screwjacks & Poles: Screw Jack openers (Traditional Openers), are a threaded rod which you wind with a pole or handle if these are low level. Most often used in conservatories, screwjacks are designed for use on skylights and roof vents on a pitched or flat roof. Traditional Opener Products

Electric Ventilation Solutions

Electric Window Openers also known as Electric Actuators are more popular than manual systems, especially in larger buildings with a lot of windows. We have a wide range of products that can be used to produce natural ventilation solutions for various applications.

For example, the Topp ACK4 is a robust window opener that is very popular and used regularly in schools and commercial properties. It has an adjustable stroke and brackets which can be used in most situations.

To learn more about electric window openers visit our Electric Actuators page.

To learn more about all our window openers visit our homepage.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of natural ventilation?2023-06-02T16:30:44+01:00

There are many great advantages to creating a natural ventilation system for any type of property including – retail, commercial, residential, industrial or public body premises.

  • More energy efficient
  • Cost savings as a result of reduce energy use
  • Helps to moderate internal temperatures
  • Replenishes oxygen
  • Eco friendly
  • Helps to moderates internal humidity
  • More sustainable
  • Reduces build-up of contaminants, dust, bacteria, odours, moisture and smoke
  • Delivers fresh air from outside
  • Ventilation of pollutants
  • Decreases carbon production
  • Improves human comfort
How do you create natural ventilation?2023-06-02T16:30:11+01:00

At Rocburn, we supply a wide range of electric and manual window opening options and products that can be used to create natural ventilation systems for buildings of various types, size and complexity.

What types of properties can natural ventilation work for?2023-06-02T16:29:48+01:00

This type of system can be applied to anything from a residential conservatory, shop or restaurant to large commercial buildings, schools, hospitals and warehouses.

What is natural ventilation control?2023-06-02T16:28:32+01:00

Natural ventilation systems rely on the natural forces of wind and temperature to direct the stale, warm air out of the building and allow the fresh, cool air to enter and circulate. Unlike fan-forced ventilation, it utilises the natural forces of wind and buoyancy to circulate fresh air into buildings.

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