Electric Window Actuators

Window Openers for Home & Commercial Use

For us electric window openers, also known as electric actuators are more popular than manual systems, there are a range of products to suit various applications. For example, in schools and commercial applications the Topp ACK4 window opener is used regularly as it is robust window opener with an adjustable stroke and has brackets which can be used in most situations.

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For skylights we favour the Kato Actuator as the perfect bracket to fit to a Velux of Fakro window allowing a cheap retro fit option.

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The Nekos Kato is a slim line actuator so can give a more aesthetically pleasing installation. There are a few options the Kato 230v, Kato 253 and Kato 305, and again a range of brackets are available.

These are just 2 options of many from suppliers such as Topp, UCS, Mingardi, Windowmaster, Aprimatic and Nekos to name some.

Favoured on flat roof vents are linear style actuators such as the Aprimatic ST450 or UCS Max Actuator which are nearly silent and have a higher IP rating usually to protect from rain, dust and impact. Linear actuators are typically more powerful than chain actuators.

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Control Options

When specifying electric there are various control options such as rocker switch, key switch, remote control, temperature control and rain sensors please download Rocburn Basic Controls pdf.

There are of course more complicated systems which would involve products such as wind sensors, timers, Co2 sensors and BMS linked systems, we can help so please contact us for advice.

ACK4 actuator large pivot brackets
KS30/40 Window actuators
ks30/40 electric window opener
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