WindowMaster NVE Dongle


WindowMaster began over 30 years ago in 1990, they design and manufacturing a wide range of smoke ventilation, natural ventilation, and hybrid ventilation (natural and smoke vent systems) for commercial and residential buildings.
The WindowMaster range is deigned in Denmark and manufactured in Germany, with the aim of providing the best and safest indoor climate, delivered in the most intelligent and sustainable way.
Rocburn have been supplying WindowMaster products since 2012 are privileged to be one of the UK’s WindowMaster partners who can provide supply only or supply and installation for their systems

The most popular products for us are the smoke ventilation products, the EN12101-2 tested actuators such as the WMU842 and the WMU836 chains and the EN12101-10 control panels such as the WSC-204 single zone panel for single zone stairwell smoke ventilation though to the larger WSC-520, WSC-540 and WSC-560 FlexiSmoke control panels for larger smoke vent projects with multiple zones to be controlled
For natural ventilation, we often supply products such as the WMX804, which is a small, neat actuator and controls depending on the building size and layout include the WCC-103, WCC-106, or for more advanced systems the WCC-310 and WCC-320.
The WindowMaster range are also often integrated into BMS (Building Management Systems) for more advanced ventilation control requirements.

We stock a full range of WindowMaster brand natural ventilation and smoke ventilation products. Not all of the products that we hold are listed on our website, so if you are looking for a specific product or unsure which product is right for your application just give our customer support line a call: 01702 826 267