Smoke control panel for smoke and comfort ventilation
Compact smoke control panel for control of ±24V DC actuators or actuators with MotorLink® with a total power consumption up to max. 4A.
The panel can be used in small and medium sized buildings as well as in building sections e.g. staircases, smaller sport centres and restaurants.

Opening speeds
This panel gives the possibility of two actuator speeds depending of the type of the connected actuator:
a) ±24V DC standard actuator – 1 speed (H&S)
b) MotorLink® actuator – 2 speeds (H&S / manually operated)

The different speeds
H&S: a fast speed with H&S ventilation and security functions.
H&S has always first priority
Manually operated: a faster and audible speed when manually operated by comfort ventilation

DIP switches
The smoke control panel is equipped with 8 DIP switches, for easy configuration of smoke and/or comfort ventilation settings.

Ease of cabling
The use of bus technology for the break glass units means that the need for cabling in the building is significantly reduced. The break glass units are automatically detected when the smoke panel is configured.

Approved and certified according to EN 12101-10 and ISO 21927-9

Additional information

Actuator Voltage




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Natural Ventilation, Smoke Ventilation

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