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Sliding Sash Window Openers

Single, Twin and Hidden Sash Window Kits

Sliding Sash window openers to suit traditional timber, upvc or aluminium sliding sash windowsThere are a variety of options to automate a sliding sash window depending the application

We provide kits for both natural and smoke ventilation

Sash window actuators can be hidden in the frame of the sash window or mounted on the face of the window

Often modifying a sash window to create a dummy sliding sash window is the best option to get the most free vent area for smoke ventilation while still maintaining the traditional look of the building

So, if you have a hard to reach sash window and want to find out the best way to ventilate your home or building get in touch and one of our team can give you advice on the best solution for you.


Dummy Sliding Sash
Dummy Sliding Sash
Sliding Sash for smoke ventilation
Sliding Sash for Smoke Ventilation
Hidden Sliding Sash Window Openers
Hidden Sliding Sash Window Openers

Window Opening distances:

from 50mm through to 1000mm or more

Depending on the application you can open your window as little or as much as you need depending on the size of your window and what your requirements are

Control your sliding sash window by

  • Wall Switch
  • Handheld Remote Control
  • Temperature Controlled
  • Automatically For Smoke Ventilation

Keep a traditional look in your property and control your sliding sash window without the cost of a replacement window


Manual Sliding Sash

It is also possible to use manual winding gear to open sliding sash window openers, although this is more specialist

Manual Sliding Sash With Fork & Swivel Openers
Manual Sliding Sash With Fork & Swivel Openers
Surface mounted linear actuators
Surface mounted linear actuators
Sliding Sash With Chain Openers
Sliding Sash With Chain Openers

If you have any questions or need technical advice please call us and a member of the team will help you. Alternatively complete the contact form and we’ll come back to you shortly.