What are screwjacks or traditional window openers?

A traditional window opener or screwjack is a threaded brass rod that when rotated using an opener pole or handle extends to open your window or roof vent. Screwjacks are particularly popular in conservatories, orangeries and skylight windows on a pitched roof but are also used in other situations such as flat roof vents and low level windows on a vertical wall.

With various lengths and bracket options you can select the most appropriate screwjack to suit your window so whether you are looking to install new openers, or need a replacement opener or winder pole you can find your solution here.

Types and Components

There’s a few different options for Screwjacks. Different threads, handles, and finishes.
Below are examples of each option.

Handle and Pole Screwjack

Operation by Handle or Pole

The height of your window will decide on which one you choose. If your window is within reach you could consider installing a screwjack that comes with a small built on opening handle. Alternatively, just hook in a winder pole on the screw jack and rotate to open the window.