Screwjack Traditional Window Openers

Often installed on skylights, conservatories, and orangeries, screwjacks are simple, reliable, and easy to open windows that are high up or difficult to reach whilst adding a touch of vintage charm to your home.

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What are screwjacks?

Screwjacks, also known as traditional window openers comprise of a threaded rod that is rotated using a winder pole or handle, opening the window or roof vent. Screwjacks are suitable for a variety of applications but are particularly popular for conservatories, orangeries and skylight windows on pitched roofs as well as flat roof vents and low-level windows on vertical walls.

At Rocburn we stock a comprehensive range of screwjack window openers in a selection of lengths and bracket options to make opening your window as simple as possible. Whether you are looking to install new openers, require a replacement opener or screwjack window winders, we have everything you need right here.

Types and Components

Screwjacks come in a variety of options with different threads, colours, handles, and finishes.

Below are examples of each option.

Handle and Pole Screwjack

Operation by Handle or Pole

The height of your window will help to detirmine which screwjck you need. If your window is within reach, you could consider installing a screwjack that comes with a small built on opening handle. Alternatively, just hook in a winder pole on the screw jack and rotate to open the window.

Screwjack Comparison Single and Twin Thread

Twin Thread or Single thread

Twin thread or ‘telescopic’ screwjacks have a 2nd screw thread concealed inside the first and have a longer stroke compared to a single threaded option.

As the additional thread is hidden when the window is closed these screwjacks are less prominent on the window frame.

Screwjacks in a variety of finishes

Colours and Finishes

Our screwjacks come in a range of sizes, colours, and finishes so that there is something suitable for almost any window.

Screwjack Brackets

Brackets for Aluminium, uPVC, and Timber framed vents

With a wide range of brackets available in each finish we are sure to have something to suit your window.

Brackets for Velux and Fakro Skylights

If you require new brackets to give clearance when using a screwjack on a skylight window with a sill, then call us for advice on the best bracket options to suit your window opening needs.

Winder Pole Ends

Winder Poles

We stock a number of telescopic and fixed length winder poles designed to help you easily crank open your window screwjacks. These winder pole handles come in a variety of finishes and sizes to suit all window opening requirements with our popular telescopic pole capable of extending up to 3m long.

We have a choice of sunroom or conservatory window winder poles made from either solid brass or aluminium. as well as our modern winder pole brackets which are a sleek and practical way to store your pole when it’s not in use.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know I’m choosing the right screwjack window opener?2023-07-13T14:09:00+01:00

We try to include as much detail as possible on all our product pages including things like – item descriptions, technical details, specifications, measurements, applications etc to help our customers ascertain if it is the right product for them.

If you are unsure whether a particular screwjack is the right one for your window, then please then do not hesitate to contact us and a member of our team will be happy to help to make sure that you get the correct product for your window requirements.

Can I use screwjacks on a vertical window?2023-06-02T14:04:12+01:00

Yes, but only if the window is at a low level. If your window is out of reach, a screwjack is not suitable. This is because the winder pole must be held in alignment with the screwjack’s thread when turning. If your window is high level this could be well above your head. See this illustration for more information.

Do I need to grease my screwjacks?2023-06-02T14:03:51+01:00

Generally speaking no, but it also won’t do any harm if you do. Should you wish to lubricate yours, then we suggest a dry lubricant as this will look better and help to stop dust build up.

Can’t see what you’re looking for?

We understand that it can be near impossible to know if a product is compatible with any particular window.  That’s why we provide a free consultation over the phone with our technical sales team.

We’ll work with you to offer you the right product for your requirements.

Can I buy online?

We do not currently offer a buy online service through this website. However we do operate a sister site, where you can. You’ll see our full range of traditional window openers that we have available.

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