The primary glass break unit features a plastic housing and is designed for the manual activation of smoke ventilation systems. It is compatible with smoke ventilation panel types WSC 310, WSC 320, WSC 520, WSC 540, and WSC 560.

Direct connections to smoke detectors and keypads are possible with the break glass unit, which helps to reduce the need for additional cabling.

The break glass unit includes:

  • Data communication via the break glass unit bus
  • Connections for smoke detectors and keypads
  • An audible signal that is interrupted upon opening the door
  • Coloured LEDs to signal fire activation or system faults
  • “SMOKE VENT” text labels in various languages

Availability of spare parts such as glass and keys for order separately.

Additional information

IP Rating


Supply Voltage





Red, Yellow, Grey, Orange


Smoke Ventilation


Download PDF's

Window Master WSK 501 instructions

Window Master WSK 501 installation

Window Master WSK 501 Break Glass Unit Data Sheet

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