Project Overview

The existing AOV system that was installed was not fit for requirements given the stay put policy that was in place for the residents. The main stairwell had single glazing louvres installed with no automatic control, and the existing strategy for keeping evacuation routes clear was inadequate.

Rocburn produced a plan to-

  • Replace many of the existing louvres for more energy efficient and EN 12101-2 certified units
  • Introduce controls for the AOVs that would work with the existing fire alarm systems
  • Enhance existing access-controlled doors to allow them to be used by both residents and as AOVs for smoke ventilation

Challenges and Implemented Solution

The customer was keen to get a good colour match for the existing louvres but there was no documented RAL colour available. So before ordering, we made sure a good RAL colour was chosen and approved.

New single zone control panels were installed for each ventilation zone to suit the 24v actuators on the louvres and doors. The panels all had the required battery backup features and were tied into the existing fire alarm for cause-and-effect logic.

Folding arm actuators with rollers were used on doors which needed to be open for ventilation. The rollers allowed continued use of the door by residents as the arm is not directly fixed to the door.

Finally in the ground floor services cupboard, numerous fireman’s override switches were installed to enable full open/close control for the fire brigade.

Equipment Installed

Product Name Description
Aumuller FTA 600 Folding Arm Actuator used to automate both internal and external doors.
Bespoke Glazed Louvres EN 12101-2 compliant, made to order glazed louvre AOVs in various sizes.
Single Zone Smoke Control Panels Standard control panels suited for the 24v actuators in the zone complete with battery backup.
Fireman’s Override Switch These were installed in the services cupboard for use by the fire brigade.

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