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Ultraflex Control Systems UCS E-LOCK No Brackets

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Brand: Ultraflex Control Systems | Manufacturer Part numbers: 42161J

This product is suitable for:

  • Top-hung windows
  • Bottom-hung windows
  • Skylights, roof windows
  • Pivot frames
  • Cupolas
Specifications at a glance:

Traction force: 600 N

Thrust force: 600 N

Strokes: 19 – 38 MM

Protection Class: IP 32

Voltage supply: 24V DC

Colours Available:

Available in Silver Anodised


Product Information


Ultraflex Control Systems E-LOCK No Brackets
E-LOCK is a linear drive designed to lock the window hardware and ensure, in combination with a chain actuator, the best window closing tightness.
E-LOCK can be integrated into the window profile or on the profile, connected to the window hardware through a slot.
It has been designed to be used in combination with electric chain actuators series QUASAR, VEGA and NANO 24 Vdc.

> Stainless steel case.
> The locking plate can be mounted on both side of the drive.
> Provided with an emergency unlocking mechanism.
> Different strokes and directions can be selected by internal switches.
> Available a version to be used with BMSline actuators for the direct connection to a Building Management System network.

E-LOCK with no brackets can be combined with “long fork kit” in order to be installed on the inner part of the vent: granting less milling operation and fast maitenance procedure. Usefull to operate louvre windows.

Additional information



Ultraflex Control Systems
Ultraflex Control Systems - UCS Products

Product Applications

This product is suitable for:

  • Top-hung windows
  • Bottom-hung windows
  • Pivoting frame windows
  • Roof windows
  • Cupolas
Product applications top & bottom hung , pivot windows & cupolas

Technical Details

UCS Supermaster E-LOCK No Brackets
Voltage Supply:
24 VDC +/-10%
Current Absorption (Max load):
0,3 A
Max Force:
600 N  
Available Stroke:
19 – 38 MM
1,6 MM/S
Limit Stop:
Safety Stop:
Protection Class:
IP 32
Parallel Connection:  

Download PDF's

Ultraflex Control Systems UCS Supermaster E-LOCK No Brackets data sheet

Ultraflex Control Systems UCS Supermaster E-LOCK No Brackets Manual

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