Aumuller FTA600 GF S12 24 V DC
Folding arm drive FTA. Smart window opening solutions are tailored exactly to your needs. Folding arm drives offer the best solution for every building. For this purpose, all essential drive parameters can be programmed according to the specific building by means of an integrated microprocessor and a position detection system.

  • Reliable Function: through high-quality, durable, wear-free materials and inherently safe construction.
  • Self-learning: automatic configuration of synchronous operation and sequence control in the drive network system via external M-COM module.
  • Large Bandwidth: suitable for natural ventilation, SHEV and ferralux®-NSHEV. Opens pivot windows for supply and extraction of air up to 90 degrees.

Electric window opening for natural ventilation
Enjoy the greatest possible freedom: smart folding arm drives from AUMÜLLER work just as well in SHEV systems as they do for automated windows in facades. Simple installation, low operating costs and intelligent technology complete the flexible system.


Attractive and functional

Folding arm drives from AUMÜLLER fit perfectly into the room and can reach an opening angle of almost 90 degrees in approx. 45 seconds.

Robust and easy to maintain

The soft start and soft stop protect the window casement as well as the mounting elements against premature wear. Easy-to-install accessories always guarantee user-friendly installation and maintenance.

Versatile and Individual

Unique load dependant cut-off electronics: microprocessors control syncronous operation in multi-drive systems or sequence controls with locking drives drives without additional modules. Object-specific programming is easily possible.

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Product Applications

This product is suitable for:

  • Dome & Skylight windows
  • Top & bottom hung windows
  • Pivoting windows

Technical Details

FTA600 GF S12 24 V DC
Switch-off electronics:
S12 – integrated intelligent control electronics
Rated Voltage:
24 V DC
Cut-Off Current:
1.4 A
Opening angle:
0 – 93 degrees programmable
Torque (Open / Close):
215 / 215 Nm (~600 N); programmable
Running Time (Open / Close):
45 s / 45 s (~2 degrees/s); programmable
Housing (W x H x L):
anodised aluminium, 56 x 40 x 455 mm
Connection Cable:
AUMÜLLER-Click connector, halogen free, grey, 5×0.5 mm², length 3 m
Protection Rating:
IP 32

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