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Topp RDC/12 Rain Sensor

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Brand: Topp | Manufacturer Part numbers: RDC/12

This product is suitable for:

TF 33R Control Unit

Compatible Sensors:

RW Wind Sensor

Specifications at a glance:

Protection Class: IP56

Operating Temperature: -20C +85C

Colours Available:

Available in red



Topp RDC/12 Rain Sensor
Automatically closes the windows when the sensor detects rain.
Is sensitive to due and humidity.
Works with the TF33R Control and feeding unit.
CE marked device.

The installation of the rain sensor has to be performed outside the building, preferably on the roof or in a similary position.
The rain sensor has to be placed with an inclination of 5° ÷ 45° with reference to the horizon and in such a position so as not to be shielded against rain fall (Positioning the sensor under trees or close to walls should be avoided since this can prevent the sensor from detecting the rain).

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