D+H VLD 51
Compared to the FRA 11-BSY+, this window locking drive is not located on the sash. Instead, it can be integrated into the window profile so that it is no longer visible from the outside. Manual unlocking in emergency situations is possible at any time.

Can be used for openings for smoke exhaust; D+H Euro SHEV in accordance with EN 12101‑2; and for daily ventilation
For operating standard latch pane fittings
Connection of D+H window drives with BRV message
D+H VLD 51 Window drives with a total current up to 2.5 A can be connected
Manual emergency unlocking possible
Configurable locking direction on the drive
Increased burglary protection

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Product Applications

This product is suitable for:

  • Roof & Skylight windows
  • Top & bottom hung windows
  • Conservatory Ventialtion

Technical Details

VLD 51
Power Supply:
24 V DC / ±20 % / 1 A
Locking force:
500 N
Breakaway force:
1000 N
18 – 38 mm
OPEN running speed:
4.2 mm/s
CLOSED running speed:
4.2 mm/s
IP 50
Emission sound pressure level:
LpA ≤ 70 dB(A)
Temperature range:
-15 °C (-5 °C **) … +75 °C
Fire resistance:
B300 (30 min / 300 °C)
V2A stainless steel
2.5 m silicone cable
W x H x D:
493 x 25 x 25 mm

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VLD 51 Instructions

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