Kato 253 Electric Window Opener

Choose the Kato 253 because it is a small strong and cost effective electric window opener.

The Kato is quite a small and neat looking actuator with a good range of bracket options that are easy to install, so therefore suits a range of window applications.

With a 250N Opening and closing force and an easily and either a 240mm or 360mm opening distance, which can be easily chosen.

The Kato window opener is a popular choice for budget natural ventilation applications.

Best Applications For The Kato 253

We think there are a couple of applications where the Kato 253 is best suited:

  • Aluminium windows systems, this is because the brackets provided as standard are particularly good for fitting to an window aluminium profile
  • Skylight windows such as Velux or Fakro for example, were the Kato 253 is our top choice

Other Considerations

First of all the Kato has a simple mechanical stroke selector where the maximum opening distance can be set to 240mm or 360mm depending on the amount of ventilation you want.

The Kato 253 has a 250N (25kg) push force which is more than enough for most natural ventilation solutions.

For roof vents this may not be the best option as it has a low IP Protection (Water & Dust Ingress).

For UPVC windows it would be worth considering a different option because the brackets aren’t as good as other models.

All of these Nekos brackets are easy to attach with the Nekos quick coupling technology, this makes fitting quick and easy to do.

Check Out The Facts

Suits Windows Types:

  • Top Choice For Skylights
  • Top hung windows
  • Side hung windows
  • Roof hatches and domes


  • 230v mains voltage
  • Push / Pull Force 250N or 25kg force
  • Opening distance selections 240mm or 360mm
  • 2 mtr flylead
  • Progressive power ramp
  • Power control over the entire stroke
  • Pressure release relax function on open and close stroke
  • A variety of bracket options to choose from (get in touch for advice)

Controlling The Kato 253 230v:

There are a range of controls you can use to operate your window opener,  from switches and remote controls to automatic temperature controls, just get in touch and we can specify the best package for your window.

Talk to the window opener specialists:

We always recommend talking to us about your application, as the Kato 253 might not be the right product for you.

To make sure you are buying the best combination of products, give us a call or email us for advice from the window opener specialists.

Additional information

Stroke (mm)

Selectable, 240, 360

Max Force (N)


Supply Voltage


Max Current (amps)


Max Speed (mm/s)


Window Types

Bottom Hung, Centre Pivot, Rooflight, Side Hung, Skylight, Top Hung

IP Rating




Black (RAL 9004), Grey (RAL 7047), White (RAL 9003)

Pdf download


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