The chain drive set for precise synchronous operation of two drives on one window element: Our KA 34-BSY+ Set is especially quiet in ventilation mode and opens your window within 60 seconds in case of fire with the help of its high-speed function.

Performance features

  • Can be used for openings for smoke ventilation; D+H Euro SHEV in accordance with EN 12101‑2; and for daily natural ventilation
  • With BSY+ motor and synchronised electronics controlled via microprocessor
  • High‑speed function (HS) for especially fast opening windows in case of fire (SHEV)
  • Option of up to 8 drives in one synchronous group
  • Supply and signals at KA 34‑BSY+ for up to 3 drives can be looped in series
  • Special chain stabilisation
  • Relief of pressure on window gasket after closing process
  • Programmable drive functions and different drive parameters
  • Running speed in CLOSED direction decreases to 5 mm/s (passive closing edge protection)
  • Time-controlled reversing when an obstacle is detected in the CLOSED direction (active closing edge protection)

Additional information

Stroke (mm)


Max Force (N)


Supply Voltage


Max Current (amps)


Max Speed (mm/s)


Locking Force (N)


Window Types

Bottom Hung, Centre Pivot, Rooflight, Side Hung, Skylight, Top Hung

IP Rating




White Aluminium (RAL 9006)

Download PDF's

KA 34-BSY+ / KA 54-BSY+ Instructions

KA 34/600-BSY+ Set Datasheet

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