Window opener (2x) with remote control AXA Remote 2.0 Synchronous

The AXA Remote 2.0™ remote-control window opener makes life easier. No more climbing on unstable stools. A remote control makes it easy to open and close wide hopper windows.

Application: for skylights, hopper windows and top-hung windows

AXA Remote 2.0 Synchronous:

  • natural ventilation for a healthy indoor environment
  • especially for wide hinged windows up to 150 cm
  • maximum ventilation opening 130 mm
  • one remote control for a number of windows
  • a high closing force of no less than 400 N
  • easy to combine with a fly screen or net curtains
  • fast and easy to fit and excellent configuration possibilities
  • works exclusively in combination with an adapter
  • complies with Police Hallmark for Safe Living and SKG2 (Façade Quality Institution hallmark)

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Product Applications

This product is suitable for:

  • Top-hung windows
  • Bottom-hung windows
  • Side-hung windows

Technical Details

AXA Remote 2.0™ remote-control window opener
Power Supply:
 230 Vca – 50 Hz
Absorbed Power:
150 W
Absorbed Current:
0,70 A
Thrust Force:
450 N
Traction Force:
450 N
Adjustable Strokes:
180 – 300 mm
Automatic Limit Stop:
Parallel Connection:
Overload Protection:
Yes, with 1 motor for each frame
1 per 5 μF
Built in Relay:
Protection Class:
IP55 (indoor use)
Operator Weight:
2.0 Kg


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AXA Remote 2.0™ remote-control window opener pdf

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