Electric Window Actuators

Window Openers for Home & Commercial Use

Electric window actuators are a popular alternative to manual openers that provides easier, safer and more efficient operation of windows, skylights and vents.

At Rocburn, we stock a wide range of high-quality electric window opening systems and products designed to deliver reliable, easy to use and cost-effective solutions for windows of various types, size, style and design.

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Types of Electric Window Openers

Each type of opener is suited to specific situations, it can be difficult to know which is best for your vent or window. Please get in touch to discuss it with us, and we’ll guide you through the pros and cons of each option.


Chain Actuators

Popular in both domestic, commercial, and school premises. Their flexibility allows them to be installed on most types of windows.

Linear Actuator Type Composition

Linear and Rack Actuators

Generally have more pushing and pulling force than chain actuators. This makes them more suitable for heavier vents like rooflights or roof hatches.

WindowMaster WMD 820

Folding Arms

These types of actuators are used to push open a door or side hinged windows. Some have a roller which allows continued use of the door for general access.

Our Electric Window Opening Systems

Conservatories, Orangeries, and Schools

Popular in the home and widely used in schools or commercial applications. The Topp ACK4 window opener is a robust system that comes with an adjustable stroke and brackets that are suitable for most situations.

Skylights and Roof Windows

For skylights we favour the Kato Actuator as it has the perfect bracket to fit to a Velux or Fakro window. This slim line actuator is aesthetically pleasing and provides a cheap and effective retro fit option. There are also other Nekos products available including the – Kato 230v, Kato 253 and Kato 305 as well as a range of brackets.

Linear Actuators for Flat Roof Vents

Linear style actuators such as the Aprimatic ST450 or UCS Max Actuator are favoured for flat roof vents as they tend to have a higher IP rating to help protect from rain and dust. Linear actuators are also typically more powerful than chain actuators making them better suited for these heavier types of windows that require more force to lift.


We’ve only mentioned a few specific options from our selection. We have partnerships and products from many more suppliers such as Topp, UCS, Mingardi, Windowmaster, Aprimatic and Nekos to name some. So give us a call if you want to discuss these or other options.

Electric Actuator Controls

When it comes to controlling electric actuators, there are various options including – rocker switch, key switch, remote control, temperature control and rain sensors. Download our Rocburn Basic Controls pdf here to find out more about our electric window controls.

There are of course more complicated systems which would involve products such as wind sensors, timers, CO2 sensors and BMS linked systems which we will be happy to help with. Please contact us for further information or advice.

Frequently Asked Questions
What applications are electric window openers most suited to?2023-06-02T15:19:54+01:00

Not only are they widely used in a number of different settings, industries and property types but because of their efficient design they are particularly popular for;

  • High windows out of reach
  • Skylights
  • Windows that are difficult to access
  • Properties that are lived in or used by people with disabilities
  • Smoke ventilation windows
  • Secure premises
  • Windows that are too big or heavy to open easily
  • Where there are a large number of windows
  • Premises that required timed ventilation or temperature control
What type of buildings benefit from using Electric Actuators?2023-06-02T15:19:34+01:00

Electric window openers are used for numerous different types of properties, businesses, buildings and organisations including;

  • Schools, colleges and universities
  • Hospitals, care homes and medical facilities
  • Office buildings
  • Residential properties
  • Shops, restaurants and retail venues
  • Sports venues and leisure facilities
Are window actuators and window openers the same thing?2023-06-02T15:19:09+01:00

The terms ‘window openers’ and ‘window actuators’ are often used interchangeably but they are technically two different things. The term actuator means ‘component responsible for moving or controlling a mechanism or system’ and basically enables the window to be opened using motor driven automation.

Electric window openers usually refer to the device that is controlled by the actuators to automatically open or close the windows using remotes, sensors, or switches.

Using either terminology is fine as they are essentially the same thing just by a different name.

What Is the purpose of electric window actuators?2023-06-02T15:18:34+01:00

Electric window actuators are widely used to provide ventilation, heat removal and smoke control for commercial, industrial, and domestic properties of various types, size, scale and complexity.

What are electric window actuators?2023-06-02T15:18:09+01:00

They allow for windows to be opened or closed automatically by the operation of timers, manual switches, remotes, or sensors. These actuators work by moving or controlling a window opening system using electricity to drive the motor.

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