Electromechanical operator for side-hinged shutters.
Maximum reliability and great flexibility. Buongiorno is an automation system for side-hinged shutters. It can be used with any type of window including those fitted with security grates and mosquito screens. It consists of an aluminium beam which acts as a support for the gear motor (two in two-wing applications) and a PVC guard.
The beam and guard can be cut to size to enable application with shutters of varying sizes. Buongiorno is easy to install without modifying the existing shutters or carry out masonry work.

Absolute comfort.
Aprimatic Buongiorno enables you to open and close the shutters in your home without opening the windows simply by pressing a button. Buongiorno is ideal for opening and closing your shutters in winter, in cold weather, in summer, even if your windows have mosquito screens or are difficult to reach.

Security and durability.
The Aprimatic Buongiorno is fitted with an electronic clutch that behaves intelligently depending on the absorbed current. The shutter stops if it meets an obstacle during movement thus protecting the user and the gear motor. Thanks to this device, the installer does not have to make any limit stop adjustments. In the event of mains power supply failure, the user can open or close the shutter immediately without unlocking it. An electric lock can also be fitted on demand for increased security.

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Product Applications

This product is suitable for:

  • Side-hung windows

Technical Details

C240 24V
Power voltage:
 230v AC
Motor Power:
4,2 W
Max Nominal Torque:
40 Nm
Electric Lock:
Operating Time:
18 sec. for 180°


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