Rack operators (with two or three thrust points) for bottom-hinged and outward-opening applications, shed, skylights, domes, vertical sun blinds and sliding windows.
Aprilineare series are windows operators for vertical sunblinds, domes or applications that required on the frame one thrust point.

Duo System and Try System are ideal for use with automation systems for large domes, outward-opening windows and large skylights. They are valid alternatives in applications requiring two or three thrust points.

Duo and Try system have perfect balance and therefore evenly- distributed movement are obtained, even with large frames, by exploiting the power and reliability of a motor unit combined with one or two more thrust units. Electric anodised aluminium operators with rack-driven linear movement, fitted with an electronic limit stop, IP55 protection degree, anodised aluminium bracket and galvanised steel frame mount. The operators can be connected in parallel.

The Aprimatic APRILINEARE DUO SYSTEM rack is made of C43 galvanised steel, and has a 10 x 10 square section. The box is made of two pieces of sealed impact-proof ABS. The operators are fitted with an internal cable. The motor Duo System Can be used in conjunction with the TRY drive units made of anodised aluminium and consisting of: a C43 galvanised steel rack with 10 x 10 square section complete with anodised aluminium bracket and galvanised steel frame mount. The drive pipes for connection to two or three thrust points are made of anodised aluminium and are supplied complete with fixing screws.

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Product Applications

This product is suitable for:

  • Top-hung windows
  • Bottom-hung windows
  • Side-hung windows

Technical Details

Aprilineare Duo System
Power Supply:
230 Vca – 50 Hz
24 Vcc – 50 Hz
Absorbed Power:
20 W
Absorbed Current:
0,1A (230 V)
0,8A (24 V)
Thrust Force:
600 N (duo-try system)
Traction Force:
600 N (duo-try system)
Available Strokes:
350, 550, 750 mm
Limit Stop:
Shifting Speed:
8 mm/s
Standard Length Drive Pipes:
844, 1244, 1544,
1844, 1944 mm
Parallel Connection:
YES, with 1 motor for each frame
Built in Relay:
Protection Class:
Operating Temperature:
-5° +40° C


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