Nekos SKY 450
Designed based on the SKY family, it combines force and versatility in a machine that has a push and pull force of 450N.
▪ The load-bearing structure of the Nekos SKY 450 is made from high-strength composite material (glass fibre-reinforced polyamide), with around section stainless steel gear rack.

▪ Thanks to the sliding clamp system, the Nekos SKY 450 actuator can be fixed anywhere along the entire length of the rod, even at the head and the support pivots to adjust to the rotation of the window. Nekos SKY 450 can be applied in tandem with a single rod for a second push point.

▪ Available strokes:
– 180, 230 mm for louvres and solar shading blades;
– 350, 550, 750 and 1000 mm for application on windows.

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Product Applications

This product is suitable for:

  • Top-hung windows
  • Sun blind slats
  • Skylights
  • Louvers frame
  • Cupolas
Product applications top & bottom hung , pivot windows & cupolas

Technical Details

SKY 450
Power voltage:
110-230V 50/60 Hz
Traction force:
starting force
450 N
Thrust force:
starting force
450 N  
180 mm, 230 mm, 350 mm, 550 mm, 750 mm, 1000 mm
Absorbed current:
Power absorption at nominal load:
0,28 – 0,19 A
No load speed:
6,7 mm / s
Length of power cable:
1 m
Electrical insulation:
Class II  
Operating temperature:
– 5°C + 65°C 
Protection Class:
Stroke end:
at absorption of power
Static holding force:
2200 N
103 x 47 x (Stroke + 135) mm
0,56 kg

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Nekos SKY 450 instructions

Nekos SKY 450 data

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