D+H VCD 203
D+H VCD 203 is specially quiet when opening and closing façade windows, making it ideal for daily ventilation operation. Our most compact window drive for mounted installation, with 200 N force of pressure and with a stroke of up to 250 mm.

For façade windows, roof windows and ventilation flaps in conservatories
With motor electronics controlled via microprocessor
“TMS+” tandem safety function for operating 2 drives on one sash
Option of chain stroke programming via magnet
Reprogrammed opening stroke is transmitted to the tandem drive
Simple connection via plug connector
D+H VCD 203 Programmable drive functions and different drive parameters
Running speed in CLOSED direction decreases to 5 mm/s (passive closing edge protection)
Time-controlled reversing when an obstacle is detected in the CLOSED direction (active closing edge protection)
With optional burglary-resistant effect and maximum locking force of 4000 N

Additional information

Stroke (mm)

Selectable, 250

Max Force (N)


Supply Voltage


Max Current (amps)


Max Speed (mm/s)


Locking Force (N)


Window Types

Bottom Hung, Centre Pivot, Rooflight, Side Hung, Skylight, Top Hung

IP Rating




Black (RAL 9005), Silver (RAL 9006), White (RAL 9016)


Product Applications

This product is suitable for:

  • Dome & Skylight windows
  • Top & bottom hung windows
  • Pivoting windows

Technical Details

VCD 203/250
Power Supply:
24 V DC / ±20 % / 0.35 A
Force of pressure:
200 N
Tensile force:
200 N
Nominal locking force:
2000 N
OPEN running speed:
6 mm/s
CLOSED running speed:
6 mm/s
IP 30
Temperature range:
0 °C … +60 °C
2.5 m PVC-cable
W x H x D:
300 x 30 x 47 mm

Download PDF's

VCD 203/250 Instructions

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