Window Master WUF 121

Motor interface 230VAC/24 VDC, 3A

  • 3A
  • Individual operation of a ±24V DC actuator from a 230V AC control system


Natural ventilation

The product is suitable for comfort ventilation to ensure that the building’s users enjoy a comfortable indoor climate

230V rated voltage

The product use rated voltage 230V


To be use with one or more WindowMaster ±24V DC actuators with a total power consumption of 3A as well as a keypad e.g. WSK 100.

The interface can be installed on the wall. No special tools are required.

The 1.3m 3-core cable is connected to the 230V main supply via the switch.


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Window Master
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Technical Details

WUF 121
Primary voltage:
230V AC, ±10%
Secondary voltage:
±24V DC
Max. power consumption:
max. 3A
180 x 110 x 70mm (W x H x D)
White (NCS 1000)

Download PDF's

Window Master WUF 121 installation

Window Master WUF 121 Data Sheet

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