These switches are great for adding simple control to your ventilation solution.  The momentary action of the switch only operates the window whilst the button is being pressed, allowing for fine adjustment of the opening.  The engraved faceplate option aids easy identification of the switch and the 10amp current rating allows for operation of multiple actuators.  We are also able to supply a 6-gang set on a single faceplate.

For more information on how these switches are wired up checkout our guide: How to wire mains voltage electric window opener.

Whilst this does enable a simple and quick installation option there are times when more control and automation is required.  Rocburn is also pleased to stock more advanced features with products like the TF44R.  This is a control panel which is compatible with the TR8 remote controller and RDC12 rain sensor.  You can even add automation with the MTS-1 thermostat and RW-WS wind sensor.

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