When you need to automate your windows in wet areas like pool rooms the MB08 Aqua is a great choice to consider.  The panel has an external thermistor, permitting greater freedom in the placement of the control panel.  Only the temperature sensor needs to be out of direct sunlight for the best accuracy.  The window openings are then automatically adjusted in automatic mode to help maintain the desired room temperature.  A short grace period between activations prevents the windows actuating too often and helps reduce wear and tear on the actuators.

MB08 Aqua Operation

The M/A button switches between the automatic and manual modes of operation.

Manual Mode

The up & down buttons act as a rocker switch, the actuator will open or close the window whilst each button is pressed in turn, allowing fine control of the opening amount.  The LCD display on the MB08 Aqua temperature control panel will indicate the vent position for easy reference.

Automatic Mode

In this mode, instead of controlling the opening position, the up & down buttons are used to set the preferred temperature.  The MB08 Aqua panel will automatically adjust the window opening in small increments (as opposed to fully opened/closed).  The amount of opening is directly proportional to the different between the room and preferred temperature.  If the room is only a few degrees hotter, then the windows will only open a small amount.


Please note:

  • Unlike the MB06 the rain sensor can be configured to operate in both manual and automatic modes
  • We’ve noticed in testing that the panel can have a variance of ± 3°C of temperature accuracy, however this can be corrected by calibration upon installation

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