When you want to add some automation to your window ventilation system the MB06 can be a great starting point.  The panel has a built in thermistor allowing it to sample the ambient room temperature periodically.   The windows are then automatically opened or closed to help maintain the desired room temperature.  A short grace period between activations prevents the windows opening and closing too often and helps reduce wear and tear on the actuators.

The dial is used to switch between manually open and close positions, or automatic control with a temperature preference between 5-45°C.  There’s also an IR receiver eye on the front of the panel for use with hand-held remote control if desired.

Please note:

  • When the dial is in the manually opened position, the rain sensor is overridden and will not close the windows automatically should is start to rain
  • We’ve noticed in testing that the panel can have a variance of ± 3°C of temperature accuracy
  • We sell this item as a face plate only, you will require a backbox with a minimum of 47mm depth for your installation

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