Window Master NV Solo®

Control of natural ventilation for one zone / room

  • Controls automatic opening and closing of windows in one room / zone


Natural ventilation

The product is suitable for comfort ventilation to ensure that the building’s users enjoy a comfortable indoor climate

NV Solo® provides automatic opening and closing of room windows.

Suitable for offices, staircases, hallways, atria, etc.

Easy to install and easy to operate

During automatic operation:
The window/windows opens and closes stepwise.
The control panel allows manual opening and closing of the windows. 30 minutes after NV Solo® has been operated manually, the system returns to automatic mode.

The control panel has an integrated temperature sensor and also displays the indoor and outdoor temperatures.

The safety feature in NV Solo® ensures that the windows are closed in case of rain, strong wind and low outdoor temperature.

The settings for the automatic mode can be changed.

Additional window actuators can be connected to NV Solo® in one group (zone).

The battery powered control panel communicates wirelessley with the weather station, this makes the system easy to install and suitable for later installation as no cables are required to install the control panel.

The signals from NV Solo® are transmitted via the MotorController to the actuator mounted in or on the window frame. The choice of actuator and MotorController depends on the concrete window dimensions.

NV Solo® can also be connected to existing control systems or smoke ventilation systems.

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Technical Details

NV Solo Control Panel 
Supply voltage:
2 x 1.5V (2 batteries AA/LR6 – included) or 2 x 1.2V (2 batteries AA/LR6)
Operating condition:
-10°C – +50°C, max. 80% relative humidity (not condensing)
indoor installation  
103 x 98 x 28mm (W x H x D)


NV Solo Weather Station 
Supply voltage:
13 – 30 VDC / 12-24 VAC, ca. 1.9VA
96 x 77 x 118mm (W x H x D)  

Download PDF's

Window Master NV Solo instructions
Window Master NV Solo Data Sheet

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