The Universal Receiver RTS is an IP55 rated version of the Centralis Indoor Receiver.  It’s a Somfy RTS radio receiver that enables a mains-connected actuator to be controlled from any Somfy RT or RTS type control point.  The IP55 rating makes this suitable for installation in wet areas such as bathrooms.

When it comes time to fitting an electric window opener you may find the electricians have only provided a mains connection near the windows, not knowing that some kind of additional control wiring is needed. Or you may find that the control wiring has been installed to a inconvenient location. To rectify this issue, you’d typically need to run new cabling, potentially chasing out walls or running conduit around the room.

The Somfy Universal Receiver provides a neat looking alternative. You can simply wire the actuator and the mains supply into this unit, and it will give you a wire free solution for controlling your window opener.  Allowing you to position your control panel/switch in a location that best suits or permitting the use of a handheld remote control option. The receiver itself is very slim and has a discrete appearance for the end user.

  • RTS radio individual receiver
  • Linked to RTS transmitters it allows individual, zone or master control
  • Wet area installation
  • No wiring between receiver and control point
  • Surface mounted

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IP Rating




Supply Voltage


Radio Frequency

433.42 MHz

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