What is the difference between an actuator and an electric window opener?

The simple answer for window automation purposes is ‘Nothing’.

The term actuator just means ‘a component responsible for moving or controlling a mechanism or system’.

We use the term electric window opener or window opener more often than actuator as we feel it is more specifically related to window automation, but this is just personal preference as the term actuator does cover a much wider range of applications than just window automation but the principle is the same. In our experience when people refer to an actuator they are most often referring to an electric opener and not manual, although the term actuator can equally be attributed to a manual opening system.

We also find actuator is used more often when referring to a linear window opener that looks like a rod or piston than when referring to an electric chain opener which uses a chain that bends around inside the actuator body to push the window open which has advantages as this type doesn’t stick out from the opening vent.

The term actuator is also more often used when electricians or architects are referring to smoke ventilation systems or commercial ventilation and less often when talking about domestic window automation. This might just be a difference in the type of products or projects the person is used to dealing with.

So, in short, whether you choose to use the term electric window opener or linear window opener or you use the term electric actuator or linear actuator it means the same thing to us, it is just personal preference.

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