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Case Study: Side Hung Electric Window Openers – Worcester

Location: Worcester

Date: June 2017

Kato Window Openers InstalledRocburn were chosen to supply the electric window opener equipment to be installed as part of a new build apartment building.

Window Opener Equipment Supplied:

Kato 305 Chain Actuators – For Side Hung Windows

Project Overview

This job required a powerful window opener that would work on side hung windows. The Kato 305 openers we supplied are chain actuators with an adjustable stroke (max 500mm), 30kg pushing force with neat slim-line metal bodies.
Download: Kato 305 Datasheet 2017


Project Pictures

Kato 305 Side Hung Window Opener
Kato 305 Side Hung Window Opener


This is one of the many projects we have supplied electric window openers and actuator equipment for.

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