Velux 3FM

Are you looking for a smoke ventilation motor to work with your Velux roof light? Whether it’s for a commercial or home application, Rocburn Limited has the perfect window openers for you.

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Velux 3FM FK06

When fitting Velux windows to your loft conversion, maintaining a safe home or working environment should be at the top of your agenda. The Velux 3FM FK06 electric motor is the perfect addition to your system, ensuring that your property benefits from increased safety in case of a fire or emergency.

The actuator unit is suitable for all Velux rooflights and will automatically open the windows when smoke is detected, providing ventilation and allowing the smoke to escape. This can subsequently protect your family and assets by slowing the damage caused by the fire and retaining better oxygen levels to buy more time.

Designed as a smoke ventilation motor for concealed installation inside the Velux rooflight, the silver 24V DV unit fits seamlessly with the rest of the window fitting to preserve the aesthetic look while providing the function needed for optimal safety. Once smoke is detected, the window opener will open the Velux window, allowing you to focus on getting to safety.

Whether you’re in the converted loft or in another part of the property, it’s a feature that can save lives, making it an essential investment for your Velux windows.

In addition to the Velux 3FM FK06 smoke ventilation actuator unit itself, Rocburn Limited’s qualified electricians can complete the installation and provide the fixing screws and brackets needed to get your unit working. Aside from delivering the most reliable performance in an emergency, it will give your family the peace of mind you deserve.

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Velux 3FM FK08

As well as the FK06, Rocburn Limited supplies the Velux 3FM FK08 model, which is also suitable for all Velux windows. The electric actuator unit is manufactured by Velux itself, providing guaranteed suitability as long as it is installed by a certified electrician. Our team of experts can help you with this.

The silver 24V DC electric unit boasts exceptional smoke detecting capabilities, and the window open will force the Velux windows open to allow quicker smoke ventilation when fires and other emergency situations arise. This responsiveness enables your family to focus on getting to safety regardless of where you are located while also providing extra safety when you have kids that wouldn’t be able to reach the window opening manually.

With the Velux 3FM FK08, you can effectively slow the impacts of fire damage to preserve some of your possessions. The fact that smoke begins to leave your property through the highest point with immediate results makes it one of the best safety features in an emergency situation.

The electric actuator is perhaps the most important addition to the Velux windows for the sake of safety and your sanity.

Furthermore, the Velux 3FM FK08 complies with all fire safety regulations for both residential and commercial applications. KFC 210 and KFC 220 control options ensure that the perfect model can be selected and installed with ease. Its ergonomic design and reliable function make it one of the best products on the market.

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