What type of window opener would suit my windows?

There is not really an easy answer to this question unfortunately, what we can say is there is likely to be several potential suitable products for your window and it is our job to ask the right questions to select the best window openers and window controls for your situation.

We can also tell you we stock 100’s of product lines and it is highly likely that we have come across your type of window 1000’s of times before so we will have the right product for your window in stock.

It is our job to ask you the right questions to be able to offer the best window opening solution for you.  so please give us a call or email us and we can give you the information you need to help you decide which products you would prefer.

To help you understand the type of information we are looking for when we talk to you, we hope this brief overview will give you a good idea of how we aim to narrow down the products available to offer the best solution to suit your windows.

The purpose of your window opening system

What do you need the window openers for? Are they for natural ventilation or smoke ventilation? Are they to ventilate a commercial building or your home?

Are you considering an electric window opener or a manual system such as a Teleflex window winders?

Have you thought about the controls? do you want a switch, remote control or automatic window control?

About your windows

What type of windows do you have? Are they fanlights, skylights, side hung casement windows or traditional sliding sash?

How many windows do you have and will they open on their own or in groups?

What size are your windows and how high up are they? Are they high level windows in a school hall or a conservatory roof vent in your house?

Are they at high level in a school hall, a Velux skylight or AOV window in a commercial building?

What are they made from? Are they square edged timber windows, aluminium or upvc windows with an angled profile?

What are your must have’s?

Do you need functional and robust window openers for a school project or do you need a small slimline window opener to be as discreet as possible?

Do you need a remote control and a switch? Does your smoke ventilation panel need to be used for natural ventilation as well?

The Budget

What budget do you have in mind? Sometimes slightly tweaking the way the window opener is controlled for example can take you from an expensive bespoke system to popular high volume system which would bring the costs down and we can help give you the best options to balance your needs with the cost.

Bringing all together

Don’t worry, all this information generally doesn’t take long to discuss, and we will be able to give you the best options to suit your window after considering everything you need.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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