The touchpoint is a touch operated single-gang switch panel with an RF remote receiver built-in.  It is used to open and close 230Vac or 24Vdc electric window actuators.  The backlit touchscreen glass front panel has 3 buttons allowing two modes of operation.  We supply the touchpoint in fully open/close mode where a single press of the buttons will operate the window fully.  This mode can be switched to inching mode with a simple button combination.  In inching mode, the window actuators operate only while the buttons are pressed, allowing finer control.

Operation Summary

In the default Fully Open/Close mode a single press of the Open or Close buttons will start the window/vent moving.  The motion will stop when the actuator is full extended/retracted or when the stop button has been pressed on the Touchpoint panel.

In inching mode, the window actuator will open or close only while the respective buttons are touched.  This allows more precise control and effectively renders the stop button redundant.  Please note, that in inching mode the rain sensor is not supported.

Optional Accessories

  • The Touchpoint RF remote control has the same three buttons and can be paired with multiple touchpoint switch panels.  We supply this with a wall mounting plate for convenient location.
  • The optional NRS1 Rain Sensor is used to automate the closing of windows/vents during bad weather.  Unlike similar rain sensors, the NRS1 is a heated sensor, allowing a quicker reset time once the rain has stopped.  It is possible to override the rain sensor by using the panel or remote control, however the sensor will need to dry before it will trigger a further closure.

Please Note

The panel is supplied as a face plate only and will require a surface mount or recessed backbox with a recommend depth of 47mm.

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Supply Voltage


Actuator Voltage

230Vac, 24Vdc

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