Wind Speed Measurement

The WiFi windSensor PRO allows you to measure wind speed from 0.5 to 30 m/s (1.8 – 108 km/h):

  • instantaneous wind speed (current)
  • maximum wind speed (in gusts)
  • average wind speed (last 10 minutes)

The wBox mobile application allows you to set the unit in m/s, km/h and in knots.

windSensor Pro with App Screen
windSensor Pro with data graph

Charts and Historical Data

In the wBox mobile app, historical measurement values are easy to visualise:

  • average wind speed
  • maximum wind speed (in gusts)

It will also work as a measuring station before setting up a wind farm – it will make it possible to check whether there are winds above 5m/s (and for how many days a year) for the wind farm to be viable.

For advanced users, there is an option to export data to a file.

Notifications and Warnings

Using the Wi-Fi wind sensor along with the wbox mobile app, you can receive notifications / warnings to your smartphone triggered in the event of strong winds e.g.:

  • If the average wind speed is greater than 40km/h, send a notification
  • If there is a wind (gust) stronger than 70 km/h, send a notification
windSensor Pro notifications
windSensor Pro with device control


The windSensor PRO allows you to wirelessly send a control command to up to 30 other BleBox devices!

In combination with the shutterBox controller, realize automatic, wireless control of blinds, roller blinds, windows or awnings at home.

In this way, you can protect your home, blinds, curtains, and awnings against damage.

Connect with Other Sensors

The windSensor PRO works great as a Wi-Fi weather station when combined with other BleBox sensors, including:

  • temperature sensor (tempSensor PRO)
  • air quality sensor (airSensor)
  • rain sensor (rainSensor)
  • humidity sensor (humiditySensor)
windSensor Pro with other sensors
windSensor Pro with device control

External Antenna

The windSensor PRO has been designed with a weather proof case with increased resistance to weather conditions.

In addition, it has been equipped with an external antenna that increases the WiFi range.

The socket for the WiFi antenna also allows you to replace the antenna with a directional antenna. This allows the controller to be used in remote places from the router / AP, where there is a weak or insufficient WiFi signal.